Leap Year Take Me Away.

It's been almost three weeks of illness and crud here in the Flutterby home and my oh my... this place needs to be rescued in the worst way.

In fact, I'm surveying the damage from my spot here at the dining room table -- the Kid's school books are spread everywhere and there's dishes from lunch on the table and island, the living room has been covered with materials for the Princess' big school project and there are two small boxes of "cabin stuff" that I have yet to find a home for after my parents dropped them off in the midst of the Crud Days a week and a half ago. And then let's look a bit closer to see the dust bunnies and toast crumbs (arghhh... the bane of my existence... TOAST SHOULD BE A BANNED SUBSTANCE. Says I.) and various and sundry items that need to be put away (hmmmm... Tylenol, bearing press, remote control for DVD, invoice book, more cold meds, bath salts -- and that's just the island countertop. WHO LIVES IN THIS PLACE??? It is UNFIT, I tell you!!!!) And let's not even talk about laundry. I may weep.

So, I think that with the remainder of the superfluous 24 hrs gifted to me by this day, I am going to embark on the Glamourous and Exciting tasks of resurrecting some standard of housekeeping to this abode.

Anyone happen to have one of those Animation Enchantments? Like on Beauty and the Beast -- I could really use some talking teacups, mops and brooms to help me out with this one.


Things I Want To Say But Won't 1.1

When you say something rude and patronizing about someone, putting a smiley face after each sentence doesn't make it all better.



If Air Miles Were Money...

Heh. Wait! They kinda are. :)

Guess who just booked four flights to L.A. in April? It's almost like I'm a grown-up, doing grown-up things like choosing flight itinerary and travel insurance. Woah. When did that happen?

Now, if I could just convince Mr. F to actually pay for a guided tour of Hollywood instead of his dubious plan to just "wing it" in our rental car. Cause you know THAT is gonna end in bloodshed and at least one of us with the crumpled map crammed in our face. I'm all for spontaneous fun. But if I remember correctly, self-preservation ranks pretty high on the hierarchy of Needs...

Any of you seasoned travelers have any recommendations for some fun things to do and see in the area?


Does This Template Make My Butt Look Big?

Not quite spring, but am feeling the need for some spring blog cleaning. :)

One of my favorite parts of spring is RAIN. Beautiful drops that wash the world and make all the newly budded greenery look like God's Mercy, itself.

Enough snow. Bring me rain.

I happened to notice that I've already posted almost as many posts in 2012 as I did in 2011. Clearly 2011 was not a good blog year.


I-I-I-I-I Can't Get This Song Outta My Head...

Let's forget for a moment that this song is surely loosely based around a worship song chord progression. Let's forget for a moment that Tyler Connelly spent more time on his hair than a woman does and still rocks it like a boss. Let's even forget that the radio version has this audacious spoken word voice-over that is all kinds of cheesy and, yet -- despite the Cheese(TM) -- makes me want to throw my panties at whichever dude said those words like that.

Forget all that.

Instead, let's talk about how this song can get stuck in one's brain so that one finds oneself throughout the day singing "IIIIIIIIIIII" and looking like a total tool to anyone who overhears. Cause there should not be so many vowels in a song. Word to your Momma. And Tyler's momma. She should have taught him that.


Insert Rant HERE

Please include details of sickness and snarky comments about reciprocity having died a slow death around here. Add postscript about medical procedure and possible infection and wishing you were somewhere, anywhere else but HERE.

Include picture of Kleenex and sad Flutterby face.

That is all.


I'll have an order of Crud with a side of Blurgh, please.

Alternatively, a re-do on this week would be appreciated.

Mr. F has been ridiculously sick with a flu virus. Best Valentines Day ever? Not really. I spent a good three days shuttling cold water and medications and bowls of soup and cereal up to the bedroom (hereafter known as the Germ Den). Poor guy was like that sad soul on the Cold&Flu medication commercial.

**scratchy whisper**
"Flutterby... Flutterby... please... call my Mom"

Yeah, he was that bad. He's still not 100%, not even close. And then, yesterday I am woken up by The Kid. Coughing, Stuffy, Miserable. I don't like this one bit. Add on to the List Of Aweseome the fact that we had to cancel a family vacay this weekend to visit old friends, my (not) comfy bed on the couch, fighting off the germs from hell myself and feeling like turd and then having a medical procedure yesterday that I get called directly after to hurry home from cause the Kid is now puking and incredibly miserable... let's just say that Family Life scores a big -1 in my books right now.

But, life goes on. And I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world than caring for my fam and doing what I can to make them comfy. Even when the Kid gives me the Stinkeye when I make him steam up his nasal passages one more time. :) I just hope that when the Germs From Hell finally hack away at my own defenses and I'm the one in misery that they all remember and at least hand me a few crusts of bread while I languish in the darkest corner of the house. lol

In the meantime, I've got some errands to catch up on, a house to rid of germy surfaces and linens to change and air out. Also... laundry. Cannot forget the metric ton of laundry. One more busy day, and then maybe some rest and relaxation for the weekend.

Notice to Next Week: You better bring your A-game, Week... I have high expectations and none of them involve me being sick. Word.


Doncha Hate It When You're In the Middle of Something Big and...

Your Batteries Run Out?

Oh. That was awkward. You thought I meant... hahahaha. Nope.

What I was talking about was being in the middle of a skate build and having my gutless... errr, CORDLESS drill flake out on me.

Tomorrow's another day, I guess.



Recently, Mr. F and I decided to "share" our Facebook and email accounts. Long story but it's all good.

Good but weird.

I do find that I'm less likely to talk about personal things with friends over email/facebook, now. Like, I won't share how upset I am that Mr F ate the last chocolate chip cookie I was saving for after my workout... (THAT PIG!!!! lol).

And, just yesterday when a friend said she would message me with some details about her private life, I found myself telling her to "just text me, instead". I'm sure if she knew my reason for asking, she'd thank me! :D

What are y'alls thoughts about personal privacy and it's place in a marriage relationship. And how does that affect other people's expectations of privacy in their relationship with you?



I've come to the conclusion that derby is pretty much like a relationship with a guy who's running game. You know the one who's all "mmmbaby, you look so hot" and "I need you so bad, don't ever leave me" and then turns around and gives you a critical kinda look and says "why did you do that to your hair?" before telling you he's going out with the guys and you shouldn't have bothered doing it anyway?

Which only makes you want to a)flash double fingers and leave, and b) f**k him harder.

Which clearly only results in signing up for another season and contemplating all-star try-outs. (or whatever weird/sick relationship allegory matches that)

I know, the female mind is difficult to understand. But it seems I've got some need for speed and adrenaline to work out, still. Or maybe just a little of "a" and "b". I'm sure I'll figure it out.



Crazy Like a Fox

I was going through some old pics and found a couple that I took of two of my favorite models last year some time.

I title this one "Fox"

And I think this is the "Crazy" part...

I swear the Kid gets all his talent from me. lol


Clown Noses and Butterflies Just For You.

Can I just say that I totally dig these guys. Such a tenderhearted song. Such great clown noses. And very cool Brit/Irish accents that come through their singing.