Just sayin.

Some questions never get old. ;)



So, you'll remember this pool that I talked about before, right? And it was going to be glorious and splashy and fun and make our summer awesome, right?

Well, it's been a little less awesome and definitely not glorious.

It was one thing to deal with the prep work; Mr F worked like a beast shoveling and prepping and what not. There was the interminable wait for the weather to cooperate and allow the bobcat to do what it had to do. And there was some frustrating tool rentals and loads of crusher dust to haul out. Me? I managed to get heat stroke the one afternoon that I spent out with Mr. F. working on it. I'm awesome like that. (But seriously, it was a crazy hot day. And hard work, too... OK, so I know I should have the good sense to be embarrassed, but really want to make excuses instead. lol)

So, this past Friday, the day finally came that our pad was level and the supports dug in and leveled. We had a good friend come by to be an extra set of hands and set to work assembling this awesome monstrosity. In theory, it's a fairly simple installation. But definitely one of those things where, if something goes wrong, it will totally gut any hope for success.

The pallet was unpacked. Tools were readied. A quick conference with heads bent over the instructions and we were good to go.

Pool Power!

Things were going smoothly. Channels and plates were joined and aligned on the bases. The beast of a wall was unrolled and threaded into place (much more difficult and fussy than one sentence can do justice). At least 20 bolts sewed this whole thing up along the seam -- two of which ate my knuckles in a most unwelcome way. Perfect "round" was verified. Then came the work of laying the felt floor liner and gluing the stryofoam coving alongside the inner wall. Meticulous vacuuming of said liner to ensure that not a speck of crushed dust existed on the floor. Wall supports were installed. The sparkly looking vinyl liner was brought into place and...


What is this?!?!?! The bag which was supposed to hold the Beaded Liner receiver strips held something that was definitely NOT what we needed.

Sweet merciful crap.

It was just after 4pm on Friday afternoon. A quick phone call to the company we purchased our lovely sparkly Pool Of Wonder from was met with voicemail. They closed at 4pm. For the weekend.

I then proceeded to phone every single pool supply store in our city, to see if ANY solution could be found. Heck, I would even buy a totally different liner if that would help at this point. No help to be found.

We were left with the equivalent of a giant metal SAILCLOTH erected in our yard. So far, the weather had been mild, although the sky was threatening rain. I braced all the wall supports with stakes and guys and we crossed our fingers in hopes that the wind would stay away for the weekend until we could at least get the right parts shipped out and our Pool Of Wonder filled with the gazillion gallons of water that would make it a stable, unmovable structure.

I swear I gave myself an ulcer that evening -- every gust of wind sent me headed to the windows to look out over the yard and make sure that the pool wall was still standing. By 2am, the wind was definitely coming up -- it looked to be a storm brewing and I had a small inner fit and then gave myself up to try and sleep. I pretty much knew how this story was going to end.

The morning didn't disappoint -- the sounds of metal shimmying freely in the wind was our first clue. But even that didn't seem real until I looked out the window to see the bent and crumpled frame/wall. And somehow, spending the next two hours undoing all the hard work of the day before, in gusting winds, did nothing to improve my mood or outlook.

Bah humbug.

Today, we are finally able to able to deal with the company on this. They are so far being pretty peachy about working with us and hopefully replacing the bits that were ruined. Had they packaged things properly, the pool would have been filled and immovable by that evening and the storm would have meant nothing.

At this point, though... I am rather not eager to set everything up, only to have to basically winterize it in just a few weeks.

Sparkly, splashy, fun, awesome, Pool of Wonder, huh?? I swear that next summer, I will only be leaving the pool for basic bodily survival and sleep. Heck, I might even sleep in it. I have a whole missed season of swimming to catch up on.



Don't mind me, I'm just having a small spaz about my new favorite phone app.


It's like Name That Tune played with all your (real and cyber) friends. I can't lie -- I should be deadly at it, but my weird nervy brain often makes me jump to the wrong conclusion on a song (cause the people I'm playing with currently can guess songs with less than A SECOND's worth of play time!! That's crazy!!) or stab the wrong button when I'm aiming for a different one.

It's not easy being me. True that.

Check the app out. Totally a good, fun time.



I'm beginning to think this swimming pool will never, ever, ever get installed.

We just spent an hour trying to fine-level the hardpacked clay ground after the bobcat finished excavating.

Oh. My. Lord.

It's like digging into the side of a mountain. Like granite.

On to Plan B... Mr F is off to get a load of crusher dust. I figure that with the ground being so solid and unmovable, settling is the least of our worries. We'll just build the level base. (and yes, I said that with a wrinkly-nosed snarl and derisive look out the window at the stinking Clay Ground patch that is mocking me with it's non-swimming-pool-existence)

So, tomorrow I will have tamper and transit level in action -- I feel the need for some theme music. Something inspiring and superhero-ish. DA DAHDA DAH!!! And with any amount of luck, we will get this thing pulled together before the middle of next week.

I feel like this might be a good time to also say a prayer for cooler weather. Apparently I am a grouchy bear to work with in the heat of the afternoon. Or he is. One way or another, a cool breeze and some shade clouds would be mightily appreciated. ;)


Wild horses.

Some songs just take you back.


I gots me some Netflix.

I've only waffled over the decision for over a year and a half, now.

That's me -- the poster child of indecision over largely irrelevant and unimportant life decisions.

And while waffling is a fun occupation -- and one I've honed to a fine stiletto point in my lifetime -- it was time to choose. Actually it was a rather easy decision. Free one-month trial and a one-time purchase of this pretty cool little AppleTV device. (Which, for real, is so cute and let's me link my itunes account and iPhone with my TV and some other cool stuff. It was also super easy. Also a plus where my caveman brain is concerned.)

I can't lie. After I got things set up, I was like a kid opening presents. SQUEEE.... purusing the large library. 300+ episodes of Spongebob? I got em. Oldies like Knight Rider and The Tick and Kids in the Hall? Yup. This girl. Movies I remember watching as a kid like Labyrinth and Annie? All there. Full multi-season libraries of cool TV shows that I never got to watch because my life is crazy and DVR is beyond my programming abilities? Oh yes, it's true.

And the cherry on top of this TV sundae is the huge selection of documentaries. Cause I am a total geek and mostly love that kind of thing. There is a long short-list I want to watch; but topping the list was "Being Elmo. A Puppeteer's Journey".

I love muppets.

Really, I do.

At one time, it was a huge, and rather secret, desire of mine to become a puppeteer. A MUPPET puppeteer. Rather whimsical, no?

So, this particular documentary was a special treat. Outside of watching the life story of Kevin Clash; I got to see glimpses of the Muppet world and puppeteering trade. Very neat. The Princess was supposed to be in bed, but upon hearing Elmo's squeaky joyful voice, she popped out in the family room and watched the whole doc with me.

I was curious as to her response. Some time ago she "created" this little characterization The Lemming. The voice is a little reminiscent of the character Treelo from the kids' TV show, "Bear in the Big Blue House"... but is all her own; complete with personality and tics and depth. I have on numerous occasions told her that she could become famous with that voice/character -- not even lying one bit. It is that good. That endearing. That funny and lovable.

And I think, watching Being Elmo... she started to believe it. :) Next week, we make a trip to the library to find out how to make a muppet. She wants to put a face to Lemming.

Myself? I could not be more thrilled. The Princess is a girl of many interests, but not many passions. I'm enjoying seeing her bite into something and happy to be around to facilitate it. And heck. I get to make a muppet.

Good times, people. Good times.