Is this bad??

A few months back, I flip-flopped and transformed my 'do from a cocao-black color with a swatch of blonde, to blonde with a stripe of pure black in front. I know, right? *eye roll* I think my hair would boycott me if given half a chance.

Which may have been the case yesterday when I went in to go a few levels lighter into the "Platinum" range and get my roots touched up and walked out of the salon with a completely numb scalp. Now, say that again in a booming announcer-type voice... COMPLETELY NUMB SCALP. No... not NUMBSKULL. Numb Scalp.

Truthfully, when I discovered this fact while driving home from the appt -- the windows were down and I reached up to brush some windblown hair from my forehead and tuck behind my ear -- I will admit I got a wee bit panicky. Because it felt super strange! I mean, until this has happened to you, you can't know how strange it felt -- like I was reaching up and touching a rubber swim cap or a wig or something. Creeped me OUT!

A few phone calls and a Facebook Intervention later, I was relieved to find out that my scalp likely was NOT going to fall off my skull in bloody chunks, nor would the numbness creep down and leave my face inadvertently botoxed like a mannequin. Phew. However, after two showers, four shampoos and an application of a holistic chemical burn treatment and a full 24 hours later... my lil scalp is STILL kinda numbish. I'm taking solace in the fact that it is a bit better than yesterday and hoping that my head can make peace with this process -- cause I REALLY, REALLY love my new platinum shade. *sigh*


Mission Accomplished!

Flutterby's Weekend To-Do List:

- Eat Cheezies and make insipid That's What She Said jokes with some of the coolest girls I know while geeking out on Regional Derby Tourney games on PPV? DONE.

- When giving yourself a pedicure, discover that skating has trashed your formerly cute little feet? Check.

- Rescue said feet, rock the black toe polish in 5 inch black leather/leopard print/studded heels? DONE.

- Cause your son to question your sanity because he just saw Mom scream at the TV. "HELP YOUR JAMMER!!!!" Yes.

- Continue to watch Regional Derby Tourney and attempt to rope son into watching with you. Checkity Check. Attempt failed. Game rocked anyway.

- Attend league's year-end awards bash, looking as smokin as can be for a 30-something mom. Done.

- Win leagues' "Mother Hen" award. Check.

- Wish it was MVP award (HA!!), but be happy anyway cause it says something good about who you are in the league. DONE!

- Party like it's 1999, dance till my feet are dying and enjoy some karaoke success. DONE!

- Watch mind-blwoing amounts of Regional derby. Lose mind over two of the closest called, hardest-played games ever seen and chew nails to shreds over the last 5 mins of the Championship game. Yep. Yep. and Yep.

- Clean up stock room and plan for completion of two custom skate mounts this week. DONE!

I consider this To-Do list OWNED, baby! And, also? I think I discovered the secret to feeling very accomplished. Make your to-do list AFTER the fact. It's an automatic 100% completion!!


So Many Choices, So Little Time.

I have effectively ignored a two-sided TO-DO list for the whole evening. There are important and time-sensitive items on said list; things relating to my business and the kiddo's school and other stuff that I'm sure should occupy my mind more than what actually HAS been utilizing the greater volume of my brain cells.

Call it high-precision procrastination if you will, but my lil head has been sent spinning on a mission of higher calling. For this Saturday, in a mere 30 or so hours, I will be attending a party. A real, fun, grown-up party. Which, in addition to all the things which normally send girly-girls in a flap; like choosing an outfit, shoes, praying for a good hair night, makeup, etc, etc... also involves KARAOKE! Yes!!!! KARAOKE.

It's going to be wildly fun and raucous and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also stressing about it. Because, "WHAT WILL I SING?" "WILL I REMEMBER THE WORDS??" "WILL THE SONG BE IN MY RANGE???" "WHY AM I SHOUTING QUESTIONS AT MYSELF AND USING EXCESSIVE PUNCTUATION????"

...whatever. You get the picture.

And so tonight finds me youtubing a growing list of Songs I Could Possibly Pull Off and wondering all the while if other people are as ridiculous as I am about this. I've got a short list, and my "Ambitious" song, which I might just try out if the Force is strong with me.

Paranoid -- Garbage
I Wanna be Sedated -- The Ramones
One Week -- BNL

**extra points if you guess which one is my Karaoke Force Song.**

Any suggestions? What are your favorite songs to sing along to?