This small-town girl is loving every single thing about this song and video.


Could Somebody Call the National Union of Tooth Fairies?

We need some reinforcements here.

The Kid just lost his second tooth in the past week and a half and I am pulling up couch cushions hoping to find some spare change.

Maybe I can create some "Tooth Fairy Currency" to print out?



I drift. I apparently lack the ability to judge interpersonal space and if I am walking beside you, I will drift over and end up jostling you. Probably repeatedly. This is either perceived as annoying or endearing.

I always wished to have freckles across my nose. I think they are the cutest thing ever.

I don't like my hands. I realize that they are perfectly serviceable and fine hands. Reasonably feminine and whatever. But I spent a whole childhood hiding them and hating the itchy, patchy eczema rash that covered them, the open splits in my skin and damaged nail beds. I am thankful that I am mostly not bothered by that condition any longer, but the stigma lingers in my brain and I find myself yet hiding them.

I can't cross my eyes. I can't raise just one eyebrow.

I have a 9th handspan for playing keyboard. Apparently this is pretty decent for having average sized hands.

I can tie a knot in a cherry stem using only my tongue. Attractive? Yes. The look of concentration on my face that it takes to do this? Not so attractive. :D

Hard liquor makes me feel warm and fizzy. Wine goes straight to my head and not always in a pleasant way. Red wine can sometimes give me headaches. I have a strange fondness for the horrific, burning, herbal taste of a Jagermeister shot. I have never finished a beer -- no matter how good it tastes when I start out, halfway through I can't handle the aftertaste and set it aside.

I really am not one to drink alcohol often or much. I have never been "smashed". Buzzed, yes. But never wasted.

I am a binge-reader. If I start a book, I must finish it. As soon as possible. I will easily neglect life and responsibility in order to do so.

I once attempted to learn the man-made language Esperanto. Don't ask why. I have no idea. I also attempted to learn Hebrew. My brain almost exploded. I'm sticking with English.

Laugh tracks make me go postal. I can't watch Family Channel without inwardly dying just a little bit.

I am very squeamish. It is what's keeping me from getting the piercings that I want. Maybe that's a good thing.

While I am all for green energy, Wind Turbines freak me out. I get just a little bit nervy when i drive by them.

I have a weakness for catchy, yet extremely inappropriate songs. Can't stop dancing to this one.


Summer Paradise.

Loving the vibe of this song. Makes me want to spend the day on the beach, havin fun all day and night!


Storm Season.

The past two weeks have been prime tornado watch weather here in our part of Saskatchewan. I have a number of friends who are wonderful photogs as well as two who regular chase storms (as in, professionally. Not stupidly.) and my Facebook wall has been full of amazing photos of nature's tantrums/power lately.

I don't have much knowledge to share about weather. Or storms. Or even really what to do in a storm. While tornado's do happen in our province, it's not a regular occurence. There is no public warning system/siren system, etc... so this recent string of storm action has been novel. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is my city. Beautiful, no?


Very ominous.

I would love to head out with this crew one time.


Our province is known as The Land of the Living Skies.

Clouds after a massive hail onslaught. Very trippy. The sky was full of these streaming globules that looked like something from a Dr. Suess book.

All in all a very interesting start to the summer season.