DAYS 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Day 20 -- A song that you listen to when you're angry. I plead the fifth on this one. I can't say that I have a particular ANGRY THEME SONG. If anything I just listen to whatever music is on louder than usual. :)

Day 21 -- A song you listen to when you're happy.

Sugarland -- Stuck Like Glue
This is just the happiest song... bouncy and fun and the video is one bizarre, wacky joyride that cracks me up. Yeah, I'd listen to this when I'm happy.

Day 22 -- A song you listen to when you're sad.

The Who -- Love Reign O'er Me
This song crashes through the walls of my heart; the lyrics, the vocals, the arrangement... everything touches something deep and sad in me.

Day 23 -- A song you want at your wedding.

OK Go -- Here It Goes Again
Hahaha... sad little attempt at humor. Was gonna pick GnRs "I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Kill Her" but then realized that would be playing at Mr.Fs next wedding... lol Also am gonna mention that the whole treadmill video fascinates me. I can't believe no one fell -- would love to see the outtakes/bloopers!!

Day 24 -- A song you want at your funeral.

Semisonic -- Closing Time
This was a little bit tongue-in-cheek as well, but I kinda like some of the allegory that can be drawn from this song.


DAYS 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

DAY 15 -- A song that describes you.

Jann Arden -- Good Mother
I think that growing up is a lot about realizing who you are and recognizing the people who are a part of you. I am thankful -- so very thankful -- for my family.

DAY 16 -- A song you used to love but now hate.

Phil Collins -- A Groovy Kind of Love
Again with the "hating". I'm not much of a hater. I'm more of a lover. *big, cheesy wink* Back in Grade 7 (which I'd like to think wasn't just ALL that much "back", now, was it??) I heard this song every morning and afternoon whilst traveling on the school bus. My pre-teen self ate up all the ooey-gooey sentiment like it was a chocolate sundae with extra chocolately chocolate syrup and sprinkles. I can't say I hate it now... it's a sweet little song in it's own way. Just not my cup of tea.

DAY 17 -- A song you hear a lot on the radio.

Bruno Mars -- Grenade
Seems like whenever I turn on the radio, this one is getting a lot of play time. The kid has a nice tone.

DAY 18 -- A song you wish you heard on the radio.

Revive -- Blink
Just cause I really don't think it could hurt anyone to be reminded during their day of the things that really matter in life. Slow down. Breathe. Love.

DAY 19 -- A song from your favorite album.

I can't embed this one, so please click here if you want to check it out on You Tube.
Justin Nozuka -- After Tonight
I'm kinda cheating, cause this is actually from a Juno Awards compilation album. Not sure if that can be considered an "album" per se... but it's one that I pop in my CD player a lot. I just totally love this kid's voice and the easy vibe in this song. Like falling, baby.


DAY 11, 12, 13, 14

Day 11 -- A song from your favorite band.

Bon Jovi -- Who Says You Can't Go Home.
I never considered myself a "favorite band" type of person -- I really like EVERYTHING just too much to settle on one band, you know? But as I thought about what "favorite" meant. I realized that there was a band that I've pretty much liked whatever they've done, whether solid rock numbers or soft ballads or a bit of urban cowboy flavor. I know most of their songs. I guess they are my favorite band... or at least one of them. :)

Day 12 -- A song from a band you hate.
Jonas Brothers. I'm not even gonna post a song here. I feel really, really mean. Like, a giant, big MEANY. They are kids... or mostly kids. I'm being harsh. But I just can't listen to them without wanting to scrape out my eardrums with a sharp utensil.

Day 13 -- A song that is your guilty pleasure.

Earth, Wind and Fire -- Boogie Wonderland
Do I really WANT people to know that disco in my kitchen? Nope. But I do. And this is likely the song that I'll do it to. Cause it makes me super happy and, come on... that song has some serious groove, people. I dare you not to move!

Day 14 -- A song no one would expect you to love.

August Burns Red -- Meddler
Yes, I am a closet metalcore lover. But with one caveat. I only listen to the subgroup "Christian" metalcore. Just cause I can't understand ALL the words doesn't mean I want to listen to songs about stomping on baby kittens or whatever. Anyway... this song is one of my absolute favorites. It's like a high for my ears... soaring riffs, ripping guitar, crisp drumming. Love, love, love it. And I imagine that that might surprise you. Maybe. Maybe not.

Life Interrupted.

These past few days have brought a shocking bit of news to our lives and we are struggling to make sense and formulate a plan for moving forward. Sadly it involves a dear family member's health, and, while I don't feel at liberty to share details, I will ask those of you who remember my sis-in-law from her days commenting on The Fantastic Spastic under the name "UberFanSis" to please keep her and her little family in your prayers.

Thank you all... so very much.


DAY 08, 09, 10

Day 08 -- A song you know all the words to.

Barenaked Ladies -- One Week
OK, so maybe this is just a little bragaliciousness, cause there's a lot of tricky words in this song! However, I do know them all -- that's not to say I don't get a little tongue-tied singing along at times! I think this is a super-crafty song... also totally am crushing on Ed Robertson. There pretty much isn't anything this guy can't do.

Day 09 -- A song you can dance to.

Duck Sauce -- Barbara Streisand
This was such a hard category to pick just one song. My other option was Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" Calle Ocho remix, of which the video makes me want to cease to exist and fall into a deep, dark fit of self-loathing and body-image regression, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this sweet gem of a track was one of the last songs that I had a blast dancing to and therefore was accorded this (dubious) honor of being included in my 30 days. Wooooooo hoooooooooo ooooooo oooooh. Barbara Streisand.

Day 10 -- A song that could put you to sleep.

Fleetwood Mac -- Albatross
I came across this beautiful number some time ago when trying to search out a lingering memory. (insert rabbit trail...) Over 15 years ago, I was part of an impromptu talent show at the college I was attending. Myself and a beautiful neighboring dorm-mate grabbed a Judy Collins songbook and were immediately enraptured with the rambling lyrics of a song called "Albatross". We had never heard the original recording and, instead, crafted an over-the-top theatrical version, not unlike Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", if by "Bohemian Rhapsody" I mean a vocal duet with vexing solo piano accompaniment. Anyhow, our goth get-up and rousing performance gained us some audience favor and it was this song that crossed my mind and I attempted to track down just what it *should have* sounded like (This just in... We killed it. But also made it a gazillion times better. Trust.). Anyhow, first entering "Albatross" in the youtube search engine yielded Fleetwood Mac's instrumental and I love it. The bass/toms create a beautiful thrumming heart-beat while the cymbal mallets remind me of the ocean waves. And the guitar and steel-guitar live in this otherwordly space, just floating on top of all that luscious sound. Definitely a song that conjures up visions of afternoon siestas and drifting off to dreamland.


DAY 06/07

Day 06 -- A song that reminds you of somewhere.

Jeff Healey -- Angel Eyes
This song takes me back to an early summer night grad rehearsal -- not my own grad, I was someone's escort. After running through the Grand March stuff (and really, is that still done at grads? Or am I a relic of time, already?) this song was cued up for a quick run through of how the first dance would fit in. I was a very sheltered 14 year old kid and really did not know how to dance with a partner at all, something which was quite apparent!! I was, however, still really thrilled to be there.

Day 07 -- A song that reminds you of a certain event.

AC/DC -- Thunderstruck
This song immediately takes me back to my own high school gymnasium. But not nearly such a nice occasion as grad and here I am not swathed in a poufy sapphire-blue satin dress. Try a Maui & Sons T and some old gym shorts for the (drumroll of death, please) "16 minute run" fitness benchmark. I forget how many times we had to complete this test in the course of Grade 11 Phys Ed but every. single. time. our teacher brought out the sound system and cranked this song (along with some Judas Priest and Metallica). And while my love of old metal is decidedly strong, my love of running is not. In fact, I think that this fitness test was the sole reason that I opted not to take Phys Ed in Grade 12. Going through the next period's class feeling hot and sweaty and messed up was a special kind of punishment for a 16 year old girl, beyond the discomfort of running pointless laps.


DAYS 04/05

Day 04 -- A song that makes you sad.

Mad World -- Gary Jules
Oh gosh... from the existential lyrics to the haunting melodies and spare production, this song is a beautiful, big, DOWNER. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate or like it, just that it actually truly affects my mood. There are plenty of other more "sad" songs out there; heartbreaking, cryin', lovin', leavin' songs that evoke so much emotion. But when it comes down to a song that literally "makes me feel sad"... this is it. Hands down.

Day 05 -- A song that reminds me of someone.

Coat of Many Colors -- Dolly Parton
I have so many great memories of my childhood, but some of my favorites are times spent listening to my Mom take a break from her day. She'd grab her guitar and a coffee and likely a smoke and soon I'd hear the sounds of her lovely playing and singing and inevitably drift on over to play with my toys close around her. As a young child, I didn't grasp the picture of poverty painted in these lyrics, but the love of a mother creating something for her child stayed with me. And whenever I hear this song, I think of my young Mom and how she enjoyed creating music.


30 Days of Music Videos

I'm doing this on Facebook and thought I'd cross post to my blog. But... because I'm pretty certain my blog might just blow a synapse over me actually posting daily, I may compile a couple days to a post. And, with any luck, I might actually post some *real* stuff in between.

But, if nothing else, y'all will get a chance to mock my musical taste and maybe even learn a little bit about me. FUN! Feel free to snag this idea for your blog, too (and let me know if you do so I can come by and comment!).

So, without further ado.

DAY 01 -- My favorite song.

There's a lot of songs that I could probably label as "my favorite". And probably, when I think of it longer, I'll facepalm over choosing an Eminem song, especially one from a motion picture soundtrack.

The first time I heard this song was when I started training Krav. I was trying to shed this "Mommy-person" that had excluded everything real and genuine about me and it was the hours of sweating, screaming, cussing, kicking, slamming, gouging and punching that drove me inside myself. Lose Yourself was one of the songs that got a lot of play during warmups and somehow, in my head and heart, it's become synonymous with conquering crap in your life and kicking butt. And still, today, if I gotta get psyched up for something; derby bout, job interview, whatever... it's often one of the songs that I search out on my iPod.

And, it's entirely possible that I once was one of a two-man karaoke posse that threw up hoods and got buck to it in a faraway city, some time ago. Peace out.

DAY 02 - A song I hate.

I really don't like to be negative about music. I'm certainly not any kind of a music snob, as will be evident by the 30 selections you'll see over the course of this little game.

I like Ricky Martin -- in fact, I should mention that as a ten year old girl, I managed to score a Menudo poster and it should be said that I peeked at it every night before I went to sleep, in hopes that his young self would show up in my dreams. Yes, I know. We were separated not only by a country, a language, and a shameful age disparity, but also a sexual orientation. Doomed, I tell you. Regardless, I own a couple of his spanish language albums and they have been, at various times, a fun choice when I feel the need to salsa dance around my house while cleaning. Which surprisingly happens a good deal. Sadly, this song does nothing for me.

Outside of the over-ambitious production (hello HORNS!!! SAVE.MY.EARS.) and the rudimentary lyrical choices... the final nail in the coffin was Mr. F's possession of a certain William Hung CD. You know, ThatKidFromAmericanIdolBlessHisHeart? Yeah. And after being forced to listen to She Bangs in that manner, well... I'm sorry, Ricky, I just can't do it anymore.

DAY 03 -- A song that makes me happy.

Again, so many songs I could have chosen here. (Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" would be next on the list, for sure) But I chose this one for one reason only. The key modulation around the one-minute mark. Pre-chorus/Chorus MAGIC, baby!!! I can't hear this without feeling my heart soar and a smile want to break across my face. Maybe that's silly, but that's how I roll with music.


GAH!! How does a month go by so quick?

More to come soon.

I think I hear crickets chirping. *chirp* *chirp*