Time Flies When You're Not Looking At Boiling Water

...errr, or something like that.

I see it's been pretty much a month since I've felt the bloggity urge. I'm sure all my three readers are wondering where I've gone to!! lol (And thanks, Cocotte, for the little nudge. It was very sweet.)

I do have stuff to blog about... hopefully I'll have some time in the next little while to bang them out on the keyboard. But, for now... a quick synopsis of The Life of Flutterby.

- My internet business is taking off as planned... slowly but surely and with the appropriate amounts of hiccups and frustrations that one might expect of starting something from the ground, up. I've encountered some really great people along the way. My web developer, for one -- who has gone far beyond the call of duty, and what I'm paying him, to create a great site. Check it out at www.eocskates.com It's a work in progress, so put on your hard hat and don't mind the dust.

- The grommets are doing really well, overall. I'm grateful to have two really enjoyable, funny kids who most of the time make my job pretty easy. We had a small issue over parent-teacher interviews with the Kid, but hopefully there will be some better reports ahead with all of us working together. The Princess just received her first ever Grounding (NO!! You didn't!!! Why yes I did.) today. After heading to a nearby park with friends, she didn't arrive home when expected and, when I went to pick her up? Nowhere to be seen. 5 mins of driving and three phone calls later, I found out she went to her best friend's house to get a drink and they Lost Track Of Time. (and oh, how thankful I am that at this age that phrase really just means what it says!! Be still my Mommy-heart.) Let's just say that she's been on first-rate behavior all night. I have not seen a more pleasant, ingratiating, loving little girl. I should ground her more often.

- I just participated in a two-day derby bootcamp with our league to bring in our Regular Season. It seems like we've waiting six months for this! Wait. It has been six months. Six very. very. very. loooonnnnggg months. We skated for 7 hours each day. Constant pack drills, hitting drills, and scrimmage scenarios. Finished off with a full-on bout after each day. Exhausting. Draining. Painful. And unbelievably, heart-poundingly exciting! I feel like I learned so much. We brought in a Coach from the Terminal City Roller Girls of Vancouver, BC and she was amazing. I'm tending a few bruises from it all and have not been this sore and tender in a long while. Tomorrow is our league's All-Star tryouts... I hope I'm ready!

- I spent last week in Pittsburgh (actually, the rural area around Pittsburgh) working with a remarkable and very generous gentleman. I mentioned previously how I had engineered an apprenticeship with a custom skate builder and it all came to fruition and was definitely a worthwhile experience. I wasn't able to take many pictures. I had packed my camera, but didn't realize that the battery was dead -- and I had forgot to pack the charger for it. So my little cell phone camera took a few snaps and that's it. I'll try to upload them sometimes soon and share.

Wish me luck for tryouts tomorrow! I'll post about the experience when it's all said and done.