Who knew?

...That taking the memory foam mattress topper off my bed would be so awesome?  No more waking up feeling super overheated and my back feels so much better in the morning.  Like, seriously, "TenYearsYounger" feels better. 


Man, I Feel Like a Woman...

-when you walk into the prep area at your local powdercoating shop and two workers drop their stuff to help you...

-when you get the manager to agree to an impossible turnaround time for a job...

-when said impossible turnaround time is agreed to with a smile and wink...

-when said manager remembers how to spell your first and last name from a job he did for you almost two years ago...

Yeah, that just happened.

I totally need to be working in the trades. Life is good for a girl, there.


Very Pinteresting.

Two things I have learned from Pinterest lately that have BLOWN. MY. MIND and maybe even changed my life a little.

1)  I have been cleaning my bathrooms wrong.  I scrub too much.  Use too much water.  The pros do it different.  I tried their method and it cut my cleaning time by AT LEAST two-thirds and my bathroom looks just as fantastic as it does after my old-fashioned scrub-fest.  OMG, guys.  This is a revelation.  Angels are singing.  I may have shed a happy tear.  Life as I know it has changed.

2)  Monistat.  Cooter cream.  I know... ewwww.  BUT...  Apparently, when diluted and applied to one's scalp daily, hair growth increases up to 400%.  Not just for girls.  Guys with male pattern baldness are growing back their own hair with this and I totally will be heading out to London Drugs next week to purchase supplies and give this a whirl. 

... also, in other news.  I just used the word "cooter" in a post.  This is a First.  And hopefully a Last.  I apologize from the bottom of my classless, bourgeois heart.  Carry on.


So Random It Hurts.

School is well underway and things are going pretty well for both my kids.  The Princess brought home her first term marks and it's clear that she takes after the smarter one of her parents.  When we get figured out which one of us that is, I will let you know.  I'm very proud of her work ethic thus far -- this is absolutely one of the ways in which she doesn't favour her mother.  I was rather a slacker at school.  A good kid who managed good grades; but I procrastinated way too much and often was docked marks on assignments for being late.  *sigh*  So glad that I am totally not like that anymore.    This first month or so of high school has brought a few challenges our way as parents -- as baffled as I was by some of the conduct of kids and families in elementary school... high school makes elementary school seem like a sheltered commune in comparison.  All in all, I am glad that The Princess seems to be making some good decisions thus far; even if some of them had to be strong-armed.  ;)

The Kid is quite enjoying his teacher and classmates and all the enrichment stuff that we didn't always get to include in our daily homeschool grind.  Almost daily I am thankful that we took time to homeschool him; it has really made such a difference in so many ways.  To be honest... I quite miss having my boy around and learning things with him.  We had so many amazing conversations about some fun and deep and interesting topics; read such great literature together, shared some wonderful times... and I miss that a whole lot.  My inner geek LOVED homeschool, LOVED diving into novels and most of all LOVED seeing that look on his face when he "got" something.  An idea, a skill, a thought that resonated deeply... I loved being a part of that.  I sometimes wonder if homeschool is yet something that we'll do again in the future, but for now, it seems very timely for The Kid to be where he is.  He's working through some pretty heavy stuff -- and school actually is creating a great environment to grow and be pushed to move ahead.  I'll maybe post more about this another time.

My piercing is doing well and I actually really, really love it.  It was a strange thing to first see it on my face.  Even though I wanted it -- and had for some time -- my eyes first saw it as something Foreign/Other and I had a couple days where I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing.  It also took a couple days to not be grossed out by the whole queasy reality of some steel having been driven through your flesh, because I am just such a girl about that kind of thing.  The hardware currently in it is rather large and utilitarian.  It was sized to accommodate swelling -- which I am glad for, as it actually did swell to a degree that the extra post length was needed for a few days -- but now that most of the swelling has subsided, I'm really looking forward to when I can switch things out for something smaller and feminine and sparkly.  

As much as I admit to missing my homeschool adventures with The Kid, I must also admit to enjoying having a bit more time for my own stuff.  I have finally been able to head back to the gym on a daily basis and, let me tell you, it's not a moment too soon.  Skating has been my only form of exercise for the past couple years; and I just don't get to do it often enough.  I am way plusher than I want to be.  I am also 36 years old and totally realizing that this body doesn't work as efficiently as it did when I was younger.  And seeing as how I like to eat super-yummy food and ALSO seeing as how I don't want to one day be featured on a TLC special involving a forklift to haul my butt outta my house... daily gym time is gonna have to be a way of life.  Having time means I can schedule my clients and housework and errands freely throughout the day and not worry about whether the Kid is staying on track with his work.  And I sheepishly admit to liking the privacy and quiet at times.  Especially when I can fill the quiet with blaring loud music and dance like a freakshow while I do my housework and chores.  

The countdown is on until I head off to Vegas with Mr. F.  We are joining my sis-in-law and her hubby and another couple of friends for a few days of "Post-Black-Friday" shopping and fun.  And shopping.  And cirque.  And shopping.  (did I mention shopping already?)... and, if I can get over my trepidation, maybe a 5 storey zip line down and across Freemont street.  Let's just hope that won't be another one of my "Flutterby almost passes-out" stories for the blog.  :)

Derby will not release me.  lol  And truthfully, maybe I'm not entirely ready to let go.  I've been asked to fill a roster spot with a northern SK team for a game mid-November and couldn't help myself... I said yes. I get to play with my derby wife (who was also invited) and that will be a treat.  She was out all season with a torn MCL and we didn't get to play a game together except for the last one of the season.  I've been working hard at strengthening my back and was working at changing up my contact style at the end of this past season.  A lot more hip checks and booty blocking and less shoulder checks... it has actually helped a lot; although I am sad to say that I am far less formidable.  Whether that's just a result of still needing to get used to and master a different style of play, or whether that's just how it will be... at least I get to play a game I love.  My ego will have to take a back-seat.  ;)

Rocket got some new winter boots... I am actually not dreading driving this winter.  I find as I get older, I hate winter more and more.  I remember when waking up to the first snowfall was a thing of wonder and excitement.  Now I just humbug and crawl deeper under the covers. I have a plan for this winter, though.  Winter tires were just one part of it.  The rest involves a car warmer, proper winter outerwear and a large stash of those hot pocket thingeys that I can stick everywhere under my clothes.  Oh, and lots of coffee and hot chocolate.  And extra gym time to make up for the gallons of hot chocolate.  I feel good about this.  This will work. 


Dance Party

Cause cleaning your house isn't as fun if you don't dance your way through it.

Love the hook.

Seriously. Just happy, happy fun.

Great classic Police sound. Can't. Stop. Dancing. ;)

All I know is I want to dance in a pool before I die. Just one simple wish. lol


The One Where I Am Ridiculously Non-Rockstar And Almost Kill Everyone in a Bloody Mirror Death.

1) whereby, Flutterby has wanted to rock a fun piercing for a very long time, but has repeatedly chickened out, and, 2) whereby it is deemed that after four years as a derby girl, one must either have a tattoo and/or piercing OR a drug and alcohol abuse problem, and, 3) whereby Flutterby's friends imposed their plan involving frivolity and companionship and many hands to hold, and, 4) whereby Flutterby's advancing age made necessary to commit to this plan of action posthaste; It is forthwith concluded that Flutterby had better like this new steel addition to her face:

OK, so seriously... I would love nothing more than to tell you I was a total rockstar and aced this whole endeavour with flying colours. But I can't.

First, I must admit that I had every intention of cancelling this appointment. Not only was I just a little nervy about it, but it had been rescheduled and the new date didn't exactly work well with my hormonal state. But, my friend wanted me there to at least hold her hand, and it was the least I could do to show up and be there for her as originally planned.

 However, I did have some intention of possibly following through; I had taken out cash for the procedure. I was just going to see how things felt when I was there. I arrived just in time to be there for my friend (who got a super trippy piercing, she is my hero) and frankly, considering all... I thought things went awesome. While I didn't watch the procedure, it didn't really bother me at all to be there and see it right after. So, when Mr. Piercer with his friendly smile and cute double nose studs asked if I was game, I hopped onto the table and said, "let's do it".

Mr. Piercer was very efficient and put me at ease, I really wasn't just too nervy at all. He marked the spot and my girlfriends in the room all smiled in approval at the placement. My lip was clamped, a deep breath and one big pinch later, I had a 16 gauge needle imbedded in my lip. It was switched out for the jewellery and after a short struggle with the ball (which totally didn't feel good, but I handled it alright) I was golden. I could feel that I was amped. But I sat up and conversed with my friends while we paid for our new piercings. It felt weird. And numb. And I could see the stud when I looked down my nose. It was seriously huge. I looked in the mirror. What the heck? I have a steel post sticking almost a half inch out of my lip? This was not what I planned! (to accommodate for swelling tonight and tomorrow I was told)

Somehow the conversation got turned to infection and crusty abscesses and it was then that my adrenaline dump got the best of me. I decided to lay back down. It was just my ears feeling funny, but I KNOW my body, and that was not a good sign. *sigh* Really, self? We're gonna do this NOW, 5 minutes after everything is done?

 I knew that driving wouldn't be a good idea at that moment, and so my friend (who is a regular with this shop and crew) suggested that I come to the back room with her while she had a smoke and I could rest on one of the couches. We meander through the hallways and doorways to the back room and I am feeling worse by the second, only to find that the couches are all occupied with burly tattoo artists on drawing breaks. They pay no mind to the pasty, flushed wobbly chick and I decide I had better double back to the first room we were in. Which is where thing get weird. Cause my eyes decided not to see stuff normally. And what I thought was a doorway was just a giant mirror. And I almost killed us all. Thankfully, my girl grabbed me and I spent the next 5 minutes leaning against the legs of Cute Tattoo Dude while Mr. Piercer and my friend keep me conscious.

 Aren't I so much fun? Good grief. I've got to find some less embarrassing pastimes to share with you all.

The story ends well. I managed to pull myself together and drive home just fine and I can now almost look at this thing in the mirror without wanting to lay down for a moment.  Yay, me! 

The Kid was shocked and appalled that I would do this cause it hurts.  I am now his Fear Factor Hero.  The Princess can't look at it without feeling faint, herself.  And surprisingly, Mr. F really, really likes it. He thinks it's hot.  Rawr.


A Kid by Any Other Name Would Still Smell...

It's happening. 

He is getting older and bigger.  I can't keep enough milk in my fridge.  Or food. 

A daily bath or shower is a necessity and his shoes smell like they could be considered a biological weapon.

He is growing out of clothing before it's worn out. 


My baby doesn't seem much like my baby anymore.


An Evening of Rocking Out with Your... Guide... Flutterby.

I promised a hard-rocking selection of 80s greatest hairband rock hits.  I will deliver.  ;) This may also serve as a little tour of Young Flutterby's psyche during her adolescent years.  It's amazing I did not ruin myself entirely. 

I recall that my best friend had snuck a copy of this album into her room.  And like true rebels, we would listen to it at night... very quietly.  Cause we wouldn't want to wake up her parents, you know.

For serious?  How can this song not fire you up and make the room just a little bit warmer? Just as an aside, I love how their drummer adapted to his injury and how his pared down, powerhouse sound really became one of the band's signature elements.

I remember the first time I heard this song at my second cousins house in a basement bedroom.  I was young and impressionable and my older twin cousins were way too cool, and even though I knew I "SHOULDN'T LISTEN TO BAD MUSIC LIKE THIS"... I kinda loved it.  It is also possible that in a moment of weakness, I did a karaoke duet to this song.  If loving Bret Michael's is wrong, I don't want to be right.  lol

OMIGOSH.  This video is all kinds of disaster... which is why I probably can't stop grinning the whole time I hear this song.  But seriously now... why can't chainmail still be in style??

I remember rollerskating to this song back when our little city had a rink.  I'm pretty sure it was songs like this that made my parent's discourage me from rollerskating.  And look where that got me...  ;)

It must be said.  Going to an Alice Cooper concert is a bucket list item of mine.  His gift for the theatrical is tremendous.

I kinda love how campy and fun the video is, classic, bawdy 80s rock. 

Parts of the beginning conversation remind me of muppet voices.  I can't help but giggle.  And while I heard this song back when I was but a wee teen Flutterby... I probably rocked it best every week when I trained Krav.  It was often on the playlist during stress drills.

And this, dear readers, concludes our little journey through the 80s with your guide, Flutterby.  Please sign the guestbook on your way out.