The Bangover.

First derby bout of the season happened last night and it was a night to remember. I was so very proud of our league. Having been a part of things since our first "exhibition" bout/event when we could barely pull together 20 skaters (who could barely skate!!) and 200 people to spectate... it kinda warmed my heart to see us doing what we do.

Three house teams. Scads of volunteers and support crew. Sold out bout, 800 fans. Full bout production. Tight scores and lots of hard-hitting action.

So freaking proud.

Along with all that amazing hard-hitting action comes the "Bangover". The morning after the night before. Now, I'm sure that some of the girls are also weathering a nasty hangover after the Afterparty. But that's not how I roll. :) I just am enjoying the sweet creak of joints and the ache of muscles and bruises and one torqued up neck and spine. A first class bangover.

And somehow I still love it.

With all my heart.

p.s. For what it's worth... that girl whose elbow connected with the base of my skull? the reason for this cranked up neck? I got her good the next jam. Sternum block right off the jam whistle into her 6 foot frame. They fall hard when they're that big. (hahaha... and I may have to watch my back next bout!!) Totally will relive that moment for the next day or two, or at least until my neck feels better.


Things I Don't Want to See Again For a Really Long Time.

Things have been rocky with our new little pooch in the house. The Pup is utterly adorable and endearing. And playful. And kind of a jerk in a puppy-sort-of-way to The Terd. And The Terd, well... let's just say that she is not a big fan of The Pup. And not in the way of "I'm Not a Fan, But Maybe In Time I Will Be" and more in the way of "Get This POS Pup Outta My House Before I Go Postal and Pee and Poop all over your Pillows Every Day Until I Die". Or something like that.

We are as yet undecided as to how this story will end. I'm not happy with how the two are relating... or not relating as you look at it. The Terd has lost an alarming amount of weight and is pretty stressed. I was holding her this morning and I can feel each rib and vertabrae on her spine. The Pup is fat and roly-poly and has the most astonishing case of diarrhea.

Which leads me to the Aforementioned Title and Accompanying List. Without further ado, Things Which I Don't Want to See Again For a Really Long Time.

1.) Lysol Wipes.
2.) Boiled Rice and Beef in a Blender. Just vile.
3.) Poopy Fur. Also vile.
4.) The sight of puppy poop on my Australian Wool Duvet. Heinous.
5.) Puppy kennel with Poop Enhancements at 2:30am. Wrong.
6.) Puppy kennel with Poop Enhancements at 4:00am. Wrong. Wrong.
7.) Puppy kennel with Poop Enhancements at 5:30am. Wrong. Wrong. Oh so Wrong.
8.) Lysol Wipes. Did I say that already?
9.) Puppy squatting over air register. Dear God in Heaven.
10.) Chocolate Pudding. Seriously. Not interested.

The Pup had her deworming treatment over a week ago. The vet says to continue with the Rice/Beef. She is happy and playful, otherwise, and thankfully is making it to the litter box most of the time during the day.

Nighttime is clearly another thing altogether. She whines and howls pitifully if we keep her down in a room with her litter box. Bringing the kennel up into our room placates her and she sleeps well. The only thing that wakes her is her need to poop. Which is apparently done in stealth and then she sits beside her handiwork (or in it) until the stench wakes me. And let it be known that I have a sensitive nose and most times turn on the light in time to catch her finishing up. You cannot imagine what a treat that is at 3:30am. Really. Just try to imagine. You can't.

Did I mention she is cute? Like, ridiculously so.

This may be the only thing saving her from a long leash in the back yard at nighttime.


Blogger??? Is that REALLY you???

Just a little story about how much I hate social media messing with their set-ups. First it was Facebook Timeline -- not to mention all their arbitrary Privacy Setting muck-abouts. And now! NOW. Now I open up my blogger account -- the very same Blogger account that I have used for years and years. AND IT'S VIRTUALLY UNRECOGNIZABLE. I want to cry. Tantrum. Sniffle dramatically into a lacy handkerchief. (Don't question. Just. Don't. Question.) I want to randomly indulge in online retail therapy to soothe my nerves. Oh wait. That was last night. Oh hai, Zulily and Beyond The Rack! We had fun, didn't we? *sigh* Does not The Blogger Powers That Be know that I need stability and security in a blogging platform? Do they not understand that my hamster brain has some difficulty with change? Do they not have... a... heart? GAH!! I am verklempt. I may write a letter. I may actually send it. Or I might just rant and rave and vent all over my blog page and then get over it tomorrow morning. One or the other.


Back In The Saddle Again

Been home for a bit, now... finally starting to get settled into normal.

Not that blogging at 1:13am is my usual "Normal". Apparently, when one introduces a very vocal puppy into one's home, "Normal" is anything but Normal. Especially at 1am when said puppy is lonely and likes to howl at the moon.

Who's freakin idea was it to get a puppy, anyhow? *grumble grumble*

Oh yeah. Mine. *sigh*

Vacation was pretty great. I managed to almost blow up my eardrum on the flight there and actually was kinda feeling miserable for a lot of the trip thereafter. Which kinda sucked. Alot. Mr. F. was relegated to the role of ride supervisor, while I cheered from the sidelines. I did manage a few hair-raising rides with the kids, but not nearly enough. Truth be told, I'm kinda bummed about the whole thing. However. We did have fun. The weather was amazing and we found a nice mix of fun, sightseeing and relaxing.

I think I've pretty much made my decision that this is my last season of derby. I missed travel team try-outs while we were vacationing, and I have to say that I don't really feel a big need to push for a make-up date -- I think I'm just going to play house teams this season. Two of my friends broke their ankles last week and I'd be lying if I said this isn't bothering me, too. I don't know. Maybe I'll feel differently in a bit of time. But right now I'm looking at old Airstream trailers and wondering how many road trips I can fit into next summer. :D

Well, puppy is finally silent. Gonna get some zzzzzzz's.


Why, hello, Procrastination. Pleased to Meet You.

There are less than 48 hours until we leave for vacation. Flights leave at 5am which means I am going to have to be uber-organized to get us ready and packed by Tuesday evening.

I have 5 skate builds to complete. Client appts and a couple orders to fill and ship.

Stuff to buy and pack. A few groceries to get if we are going to be able to actually eat real food in the next 48 hours. Laundry. Appts for myself (chiro, sugaring). A sponsorship meeting with my derby league, a dog to re-home and get settled in with my friend for the upcoming week AND a Tuesday evening practice at which I promised to show up early to in order to give a friend a hand. Not to mention two days of schooling to do with my Kid.

I'm hooped.

Which is why, in classic Flutterby fashion, I am posting to my blog.

It makes perfect sense.

So long and farewell for a little while. Will be back with vacation stories to tell!