Who knew?

...that starting a new job would make my life so flippin crazy?!? 

*rolls eyes*

Yeah, things have gotten a lot more busy, but it's a good kind of busy.  I am really enjoying my new workplace and co-workers and the good news is, I think they like me, too. :)

I'm sorry, World... but a meteorite just crashed through the Earth's atmosphere and y'all are busy making stupid Harlem Shake videos?  I have one word for you.


Seriously,  can we all act like a populated planet that the whole Universe should NOT cheer to see blown to itty bitty bits?  You guys. 

Gotta get my workout groove back this week.  Make it so, Number One.

Also, a kitchen groove would be nice.  My little bro came to stay a couple nights a bit ago, and I made a killer Mexican meal: Black bean Avocado & quinoa salad, Cilantro chipotle chicken, Southwestern corn cakes with mango salsa and .... holy cow... BEERGARITAS.  Sorry, did my eyes just roll back in my head in remembered delight?  I think they did.  Anyhow, it's been far too long since I've tried out new stuff and had fun in the kitchen.  I miss it.  I think my family misses it, too.  lol

Excavated the Kid's room today.  Good grief.  There is a good reason I do not allow him to take food up there.

Winter can go off and die somewhere.  I have no love left for her and her hateful ways.   I'm sorry, winter, you are not going through to the Hollywood Round.

American Idol.  Who else is watching it?  I'm always behind -- catching up with my PVR tonight... but it's always a favorite girl time for the Princess and I.