The One Where I Make a Regrettable Parenting Decision.

Let us go back in time a few months to revisit this disaster in the making:

Scene:  The Princess' first love came to a crashing, abrupt halt a few days earlier and she is wrecked.  Fluttermama is doing her level best to ride the emotion with her and see her through, while still pushing her to grab onto herself, here.  A delicate balance of allowing her to "FEEL" stuff and talk it through and also be pushed to live life in the Now.  Cause, you know, it's supposed to go on after this kind of thing, and all.   Easier said than done, sometimes, but I have to hope for the best for her.

Evenings seem to be toughest for her.  Her emotions take a deeper, darker tone as it gets closer to bedtime.  We've spent a few nights now cuddling and talking and wiping tears and I am feeling like she needs to move on from this developing pattern.  I tend to be affected by twilight hours the same way when things aren't well, and I know that shaking things up can be just what's needed.

Sounds good so far.

Except that, at that moment... the only thing that comes to mind is zombies.  Well, the idea of immersing our imaginations into something heart-poundingly electrically NOW, something more dire and emergent than broken hearts and lost love.  Something shocking and riveting.  And The Walking Dead seems to fit the bill.

It actually does, perfectly.  Mission Accomplished. 

The show is actually pretty decent, so far a scare-gore goes.  Very little sexual content.  Typical over-the-top hollywood zombie gore (which I normally don't watch nor let my kids watch)... but fake enough to not leave a mental scar -- well, MUCH of a mental scar.  

The only problem is that I am now locked in to watching this show with her.  The heartbreak has dissipated.  Not so much the zombies. 

And I rather dislike the show.  Or rather, the gore factor.  I know it's fake.  To the point of ridiculousness, really.  I still find it a little disturbing.  I'm just wired like that, I guess.  I guess you can't win 'em all.  We just finished the Netflix seasons.  Hopefully until the recent season hits Netflix, she will be over her Walking Dead interest.  I know that I am. 


Bijoux said...

I find it very disturbing, but I think I've already commented on this! My spouse is obsessed with this show. It's taken over for him since 24 is no longer on.

Xavier said...

shared silliness, just go with it ...