Just... Can't... Reach...


Looks like I came up just 5 posts short of my goal for the year. 

While I could be sad about that, I will instead choose to focus on all the awesome stuff I was doing instead of posting on my blog.

Like... living life. And having fun with my kiddos.  And applying for jobs.  And cooking.  Cleaning.  Laundering.  Planning a surprise 40th bday party.  Packing. Unpacking. Visiting with family and friends.  Actually using my treadmill and actually running.  (whatwhat??) And actually enjoying it. 

You get the idea.

I'm sure the other 5 posts will hit the log books soon.  Until then, enjoy, you know... life.

1 comment:

Xavier said...

life is far more interesting (and maybe even important) than blog posts .... besides, the Mayans were wrong so you'll reach it even if a bit later. Win win!