Two weeks off target, but here it is, my 300th post.

Let's give this little post a hand.  *polite smattering of applause* 

I could be wrong but I think it's a bad sign that just two weeks into January I've managed to get a giant case of spring fever.  And it doesn't help that this week we are enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures.  Today I think we hit -2*C and tomorrow will be about the same.

Seriously.  That's torture. 

Sweet, sweet torture.

Thankfully, I am the type of girl who can enjoy a little bit of teasing and so I will make the most of the nice weather while we have it.

But I still want SPRING. 



Bijoux said...

I hear you. We had temps around 60 degrees over the weekend. A taste of heaven in January. Congrats on 300.

Craig said...

Don't we all. . .

Congrats on yer 300. I s'pose if I counted both my blogs, I passed 300 a while ago. If I count the deleted posts, I might be close to 400. . .

'Course, it took me 'most seven years to get there. . .

Xavier said...

300, cool. BTW- the maps say you're paying for them highs about now eh? looks like the chill is coming our way now