The One Where I Hope I Get A Good Mark.

The Princess is in the middle of her first stint of high school finals, a new experience that has her a little nervous. She has always been an excellent student (say it with me, please..."just like her mother...") who works hard and is bright and capable and well-loved by her teachers.

She is actually a way better student than I ever was. I was terrible for procrastinating on projects and assignments and a think there were more than a few report cards in grade eight that mentioned how much better my marks would be if I hadn't been docked so much for late assignments. Ouch.

Anyhow, last Monday, she was assigned a final project in Science/English. A big project that would count heavily towards her her final mark in the class and it was due in just four days. Four days in which she was also supposed to study and write other finals.

She set to work immediately and cooked up a rather brilliant project -- top notch work -- And wanted a bit of help sticking it all together. Somehow, once you know your mama is a graphic artist and can "do stuff" on the computer... good old cut and paste methods just don't cut it anymore. So, I spent a lot of time with her helping pull the physical elements of her project together.

Maybe too much, cause I'm very curious to know what her teacher says and what her final mark is. ;)

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Bijoux said...

Yup, looks like a professionally made game!